Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting What You Want

In Susan Hyatt’s blog today "Just Get Your Shoes On", she spills the dirt that even after all her physical training, motivational coaching, and her own ability to help clients get major results, it still requires a ton of effort and commitment to get out of bed and out the door for her morning run.

Susan’s admission reminded me of something Mel Robbins said. Stop waiting to want to do it because you are never going to want to do it. She was talking about the hard stuff. The stuff we need to do to have our “great life.” The one we all deserve.

I know that the hard stuff is hard, the hard stuff is scary, the hard stuff is uncharted territory. Believe me I know! But I also know that beyond the hard stuff is our field of dreams, the things that if we push ourselves to find, we will wake up most days with huge smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

I resist going to the gym even though I claim to want to be healthy and strong. What I started doing was telling myself all I had to do was go there and drink a bottle of water. Of course, once I was there working out didn’t seem nearly as big a deal. Susan says that once she has her shoes on the decision’s been made and she goes for her run.

What could you do today to get your metaphoric “shoes on” and step closer to your field of dreams? I wrote a blog which I’ve been promising myself to do regularly for quite a while (years even)… what are you going to do???012.

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